Founded in 1969 SOVEMA is the worldwide leading supplier of machinery for lead-acid battery production.

Recognizing years ago that automation, lead saving and environmental control are critical to plant efficiency, SOVEMA’s specialists developed state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions for lead-acid battery production.
In its own industrial premises near Verona (Italy), recently enlarged, SOVEMA is the only equipment manufacturer capable of designing and producing turn-key battery plants.


Sovel grew out from the desire of Sovema to be present in every single step of battery manufacturing. The name itself defines this mission: SOV-EL is the merge of SOVEMA and ELECTRONICS, declaring the strong bond between our roots in SOVEMA and looking to the future through electronics.

Sovel’s main area of expertise is battery formation and testing equipment for production and development laboratories. We offer an extensive product line of battery formation and laboratory test equipment, as well as software tools, battery simulation and manufacturing automation tools appropriate for all battery applications and chemistries.

Sovel’s products together with Sovema’s machinery provide a complete solution for every stage of battery production: from manufacturing to formation including final testing.

Sovel’s engineers, technicians, sales and service personnel provide industry-leading solutions to companies around the world.

In 2008 SOVEMA acquired BITRODE CORPORATION, one of the most respected global suppliers of electric power conversions systems for EV/HEV battery testing, as well as production and test systems used in the battery manufacturing process.

More recently SOVEMA started a new division, “SoLith”, to develop Lithium-ion battery manufacturing technologies. The SoLith team has more than 15 years of experience in process automation design, winding and stacking systems, lamination, electrode punching, tab welding and pouch forming.

Whether you are a battery manufacturer or supplier, ICE or electric/hybrid automotive maker, defense or telecommunication vendor, or utility or research lab, our products and services can put innovation in charge for you.

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